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A few questions regarding Long Term Visit Pass

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Re: A few questions regarding Long Term Visit Pass

Post by BBCWatcher » Fri, 29 Jul 2016 4:17 pm

sundaymorningstaple wrote:Additionally the Entertainment pass is only good for 6 months and a minimum of 1 year from the end of the pass before one can apply for ANY TYPE OF WORK PASS.
You misquoted the Ministry of Manpower in the very source you (and I) linked to. The MoM says this: "Foreign performing artistes are not allowed to hold another Work Permit (even for another occupation) for 1 year after they stop work as a performing artiste." (Emphasis mine.)

Let's please stick to the facts, and let's try to communicate them clearly, succinctly, and politely. Thanks.

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Re: A few questions regarding Long Term Visit Pass

Post by Mehthab » Fri, 03 Jan 2020 9:26 pm

leonari wrote:
Thu, 28 Jul 2016 11:40 am
Dear all,
My first time posting here in this forum and I apologize in advance if this is under wrong category.
I am a Singapore PR and unemployed at the moment as I was going to pursue full time diploma in local polytechnics starting from last year. However, I got married early this year in Singapore as I got pregnant with my babygirl. My husband is a diploma holder from Australia. He wishes to move here by end of this year, before our babygirl arrives. I was reading requirements on long term visit pass on ICA website and a bit unsure about a few things. Firstly, does he have to be in Singapore when we lodge the application online? Next, what do you think are the chances of him being granted LTVP with my conditions, unemployed but pregnant? Thank you so much for your time. Have a good day everyone. is everything... how did things go.. having a similar issue....need to call my parents on ltvp, but am PR and unemployed... please advise.

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