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International Health Insurance - Disadvantage Benefits Change

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International Health Insurance - Disadvantage Benefits Change

Post by mesika » Sun, 26 Jun 2016 6:18 pm

I tried looking for an answer for this, but couldn't find anywhere, maybe you can help.

Me and my family are having an international health insurance for the last 11 months.
The contract is automatically renewed from year to year.

We also included a maternity coverage, but to enjoy this benefits we have a 12 months waiting period - which will be over in a month.

I just receive an email with the renewal invoice, but on the same email, they have sent me and updated Table of Benefits and and updated Insurance Terms.

Of course the changes are to my disadvantage, and most important, the benefits for maternity cover have changed dramatically (we are waiting 12 months to use these, and now they changed).

Can they just do it? change the terms like this? Am I protected against this change?

I understand I can always get up and walk, but almost every insurance company has 12 months waiting periods for maternity - and we cannot wait another year.

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Re: International Health Insurance - Disadvantage Benefits Change

Post by BBCWatcher » Mon, 27 Jun 2016 12:44 pm

Yes, they can, unless some law says otherwise. It's unlikely Singapore law bars this policy change, but it might if, for example, you can determine that the insurance company is still offering the old policy terms to those who sign up for new policies.

I'm also assuming the insurance company is in Singapore. If you're doing business with an insurance company outside Singapore, you probably have no recourse in Singapore.

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