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Drinks next Sat 2nd July anyone?

Posted: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:06 pm
by werogatda
Hey everyone, I'm new on this forum not sure how things work here but seems like the forum is a bit dead, hoping I can get something going.

Weekend night drinks between expats could be a great idea. I am 27M Korean living in Sg. Would love to meet other friendly expats and expand my social circle.

I can bring along some of my friends as well.

So is anyone free on the 2nd July? I was thinking Lau Pa Sat satay corner, we can grab some satay & beer. Around 8pm should be good for me.

Anyone interested leave a post or send me a PM. If there are enough people I might even start a whatsapp group to facilitate with organising.



**Changed from fri night to sat night