Beverly Wilshire Medical in Malaysia

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Beverly Wilshire Medical in Malaysia

Post by Panadoll » Mon, 30 May 2016 1:57 am

I realized that no one starts this topic, let me starts the ball rolling. I got to know this from Xiaxue's blog.
*p.s I'm not a big fan of her, sometimes the products that her recommention are pretty good*

I know it is in malaysia, we heard story how unsafe, basically more ghost story.
I don't think thailand is that safe too, yet a number of people went to thailand. not try to prove which is better, but i have friends who did in thailand and i don't like the outcome. So im checking out malaysia.

I have mono eyelid, went to check out the consultation which cost RM190. For once, I thought no harm checking out. The cost of the surgery is pretty reasonable (but not that cheap)

I'm more interested in the outcome. So have anyone did it before? Let's share your experience here.

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