New here, CBD area networking, casual lunch/drinks

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New here, CBD area networking, casual lunch/drinks

Post by huh2huh » Fri, 20 May 2016 2:34 pm

Hi Everyone.

I'm Josh, new in SG, about 2months. Works in CBD Raffles Place and in the IT/Consumer Products industry for >15years.
I'm Malaysian so I'm not new to SG but last stayed here more than 10 years ago and a bit out of touch.

Would like to network or just for casual lunch/dinner/drinks buddies.

TOpics of interest (so that we can have more to talk about after small talk at the start)
Work related:
1. Digital Transformation
2. Customer Experience CX
3. IoT
4. Organizational Change and Transformation
5. IT Consulting and Networking
6. Other IT geek stuff

Non-work can be anything
1. Cultural stuff - norms, nuances, places we have been, people we have met, different parts of Asia, Europe etc
2. Shopping - best deals, places, items, brands
3. Food - all types of cuisine - Japanese, Italian, ASEAN, Korean, Indian
4. Travel - I can give some ideas around Asian countries - Malaysia where I came from especially, Japan, Thai, a bit of China, been to Vietnam.
5. Investments and how to make more money, passive income etc
6. Meaning of life
7. What MEN are thinking - besides SEX. Well there's money, cars, beer, "I'm hungry"..."zzz"..
8. Living in Australia - considering that in 3-5 years time

Drop me a line and we can get introduced there first. You can also ask me stuff there as well e.g. holidaying in Malaysia

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Re: New here, CBD area networking, casual lunch/drinks

Post by rajagainstthemachine » Fri, 30 Sep 2016 5:15 pm

Internet of Things huh? elaborate plz?
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