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Article on India Bankruptcies

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Re: Article on India Bankruptcies

Post by ecureilx » Thu, 19 May 2016 6:45 pm

rajagainstthemachine wrote: this guy Raghuram is a well respected economist worldwide and here our government wants to blame him instead.
:D Ain't that the reason why Indians do well in NASA and everywhere, but rarely back home ? Politics is more important than getting things done ;)

Bigjohn32819 wrote:the real issue is that mallya is one of the smaller defaulters ...

here's what is apparently going on ... some in the news, some not ...

mallya - 9,000 cr
anil industries - 20,000 cr
adani - 90,000 cr

and it's still only the tip of the iceberg ...

when money is free, there will always be someone to relieve you of it ...
It may not be a popular view, but Mallya was done not by his business going sour, but the government agencies going after him due to his high visibility - just like how the Indian Govt nearly came to sabotage the F1, initially trying to block it when it was a purely private venture and then when they saw money, deciding to levy duty on the F1 cars !!!

Incredible India !

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