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Short Term Visit Pass - Advice Sought

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Short Term Visit Pass - Advice Sought

Post by robfromlondon » Thu, 21 Apr 2016 11:55 pm

Dear Knowledgeable Forum Members

My dilemma is as follows...

M y GF is 29 she is from Ukraine. I relocated here in Oct 2yr EP. We applied for a short term visit pass in late Oct through a local agency, attached a copy of my Visit Pass to the application said she was staying with me. Bingo 2 days later it was granted.

Previously we had only been here for 2 days which she was granted the 96hr transit visa.. She visited me on 3 separate times on that visa for say no more than 2.5 weeks in total.

Now stupidly we applied for the visa again in Jan and it was rejected. Yes I should have waited even the guy in the agency said it was less than a 50% chance.

So as far as i see it my options (apart from getting married) are as follows:

1) 3 months have passed apply again through the agency.
2) Wait another 3 months leaving a 6 month gap and apply through the agency
3) Ask a friend at work who is a local to apply through SAVE either now or in 6 months (is this any more likely) I know we can appeal and they need to give a rejection but is the net result still the same as 1 & 2 above.
4) Enrol her into a language school and get a visa through the School
5) Give up...

What does the seasoned pros think the best option is...

In addition if anybody could tell me does the more rejections endanger her chances if eventually being granted a visit visa again or even a dependent visa and as things stand currently with just the visa being rejected in Jan will she be allowed in for 96hrs on transit for say a few days going to Bali..

Any information greatly appreciated.

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