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Help to clarify my Pass is LTVP or Dependant's Pass?

Posted: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 1:13 pm
by BrighterDay
Hi everyone,

Long story cut short, I have been rejected 4 times for PR application within 5 years.
I'm married to a PR holder and have no kids.

First Rejection Letter from ICA was written as below:

Dear (my hb's name),
Thank you blah blah..
We have considered....We regret to inform you...(well it's enough and clear )
Nevertheless, Your wife can continue to reside here on her valid long term Visit Pass (PLEASE TAKE NOTE AT THIS SENTENCE as it makes me confused now )

Well, second and third Rejection Letters was same as the first one.

But, my most recent fourth Rejection Letter from them is same as earlier letters except the sentence:
Nevertheless, your wife can continue to reside here on her valid Dependant's Pass. (How come it becomes dependant's pass now?)

Ok my question is, so now what, mine is LTVP or Dependant Pass , I immediately check my pass and turn it behind to see whether it's stated as Dependant's Pass or what, but's stated as Visit Pass.

I had always been given 1 year period for my LTVP whenever I renewed it, but surprisingly this time they gave me 2 years (before my 4th PR application's result is out). Again, I confirm mine is not LTVP+ bcos:
1) I have seen it before, and mine never written the "+" so it's not.
2) My husband is PR while LTVP+ only given to SC whom have been married for more than 3 years or have SC kids after marriage, so unlikely they would give me an LTVP+ ( the ICA officer has told us).

And why I'm confused now because from what I understand, Dependant's pass is only given to EP Pass's spouse, kids, or parrents, etc..anw, none of them r relevant to my case.

Why this time Rejection Letter's stated that my pass is Dependant's Pass but not LTVP like before? Is it I have been given a Dependant's Pass since it's validity is 2 years but I don't know?
Or they just use another word to call it and to them Dependent or LTVP actually are same?

Actually I wanna know because I heard that Dependent's Pass can be a sole proprietor in Singapore, So I think I'd be happy if my current pass is Dependant instead of LTVP bcos I wanna open a small cafe here.
Anyone has a same issue as me or know well about this?

Thank you

Re: Help to clarify my Pass is LTVP or Dependant's Pass?

Posted: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 4:22 pm
by bgd
Typo maybe?

You can only be on a Dependent's Pass if your spouse is either an EP or S Pass holder. Not a PR. ... ligibility

Anyway, all this is moot if you are going to divorce (your other thread). Without a spouse you will have to get your own employment pass.