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Not allowed to be director for my Pte. Ltd. Company

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Not allowed to be director for my Pte. Ltd. Company

Post by Goldy740 » Wed, 23 Mar 2016 12:58 pm

hi all, i can't see that this has been covered so thought it would merit a post.

I have set up my own Pte. Ltd. recruitment company. I was not successful in getting an EP as the company had no revenues and i applied this time last year which was not the best timing. I got married in the meantime and my wife is an EP holder so i got a DP. I then asked a singaporean friend to become the director of my company, I resigned on bizfile and he then applied for my LOC which i got.

So we thought we managed to find a way around until i was told my someone at the MoM that only EP/PR holders could be Key Appointment Holders (KAH) within a recruitment agency so i am not able to be a director, i have to be employed as "employment agency personnel". I was concerned that i would not be able to sign contracts with clients etc... which would have meant game over, but i spoke to MoM and he said that your role and it's breadth of responsibilities is decided by the director, so in essence i can still act as a one man band which is what i am, as long as i don't communicate to clients in anyway that i am a KAH (which i wouldn't do even if i was a KAH!). So my only real option is to be the company secretary which i am okay with.

Anyway, i thought my experience might be useful to hear.

My question is, do i need to have certain qualifications to be a company secretary of a Pte. Ltd. company here in singapore? I believe i can be a shareholder and company secretary which is important as i want to maintain a majority shareholding in my company.

I will be using a local accountant to prepare financial statements as that's something that i think it worthing using a specialist for.

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