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Relocation Advice - can we afford to live in Singapore?

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Relocation Advice - can we afford to live in Singapore?

Post by spangle48 » Wed, 09 Mar 2016 11:51 am

myself and my husband are looking to relocate to Singapore. We have visited a couple of times and fell in love with the place. My husband has 13 years experience working in the fragrance and flavours industry and there seems to be plenty of opportunities in this industry in Singapore.
I was wondering whether anyone could give me an idea of how good the "packages" are in Singapore. I realise this depends on what type of job you end up with but any info would be good. Do companies normally provide medical cover, subsidised housing, etc.
Also just how expensive is rent? We would really love to have a place of our own rather than a house share but is this affordable for the every day person in Singapore? We realise just what an expensive city it is.
We are from the UK if this helps

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Re: Relocation Advice - can we afford to live in Singapore?

Post by Addadude » Wed, 09 Mar 2016 2:28 pm

The question you are asking is way too broad. A quick search on this site with key words regarding cost of living and rentals etc will give you a great deal of info. All these questions have been asked thousands (literally) of times before.

Regarding 'packages', the few that are still out there tend to to be given to those whose companies have asked them to transfer here. Unless you have been head hunted to move here, it is extremely unlikely that you will be offered any kind of 'package' other than your salary and bonus.

Most companies here offer basic medical and hospitalization coverage for employees but not necessarily their families.

I moved to Singapore because of a job offer and came to love the place. You appear to have decided you love the place on the basis of a couple of visits. I would strongly caution you about deciding to move here to live and work on that basis. Being a visitor and living here are two very different things.
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