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Help in crowdfunding for 3 kids who lost their father

Posted: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 8:39 pm
by Hope83
Hi all, I have a group of students who have recently collaborated with Compassion Fund, a charity organization that seeks to provide timely assistance to students who may recently have lost a parent to death or illness. They are attempting to crowdfund for a family and below is the story they wish to share with you to implore you to help.

“We are a group of Singaporean teenagers from various schools and backgrounds, who have gathered together with a desire to bring hope to the less fortunate children out there. We've come to understand that existing within the same geographical domains as us are children who are growing up but struggling with persisting financial issues, hindering them from discovering their full potential or living to the best of their childhood. We thus hope that with your help, we can provide these children with a breathing space, in the midst of drowning amongst the heavy load of problems.

Life's greatest challenge is its unpredictability, the sense of helplessness when life takes your love one away from you. Sabrina, who turns 13 this year, fully understood the tragic meaning of this sentence when her father was diagnosed with kidney failure and diabetes back in 2012. Prior to that, Sabrina had a blessed family filled with warmth, consisting of loving parents and two younger siblings. With the illness, her dad’s eyesight began to fail and also became bedridden. Sabrina’s mum had to quit her job to take care of the family. Tragically, a year later, her dad passed away.

Sabrina's mother had to stop work then to support her family, and they were thus left with no sources of income. The Social Service Office and the Compassion Fund provided interim assistance to the family in the immediate aftermath of the crisis. Since then, the Compassion Fund has continued providing financial support to ensure that Sabrina and her younger siblings are able to continue schooling.

In view of this, we aim to raise a total of $7,000 for the family to alleviate their financial burden and to help restore some normalcy to the children’s lives. However, this will not be possible without your kind help.

The $7,000 will primarily go to the schooling and household expenditure needs of Sabrina and her two younger siblings for the next two years. The money will be used for, but not limited to

- assisting them with their pocket money so as to ensure they get proper meals
- an extra set of school uniform and school shoes
- stationary, assessment books
- school fees and transportation costs
- NTUC vouchers for the family

Therefore, we earnestly seek your aid in shining a beacon of light back into Sabrina and her siblings’ lives and give them strength and hope to make forward, despite the obstacles that they are facing.

Below is the link to the crowdfunding page and we sincerely hope you will help support our cause ... to_sabrina

All the money goes directly to Compassion Fund where they will disburse the donations collected to the family.

(The name of the child has been changed to protect her identity)”