Take my maid from Shanghai?/Find an inhouse maid in Sing?

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Take my maid from Shanghai?/Find an inhouse maid in Sing?

Post by Jennie » Tue, 25 Jan 2005 4:41 pm

I am a mom of 4-year-old and 18-months-old boys. My family will be moving from Shanghai to Singapore pretty soon and I was wondering if I could take my Chinese maid with us to Singapore and have her work for us there? Would there be required some kind of a work permit for her to enter? Do maids there have to pay tax for their earnings and if so, will my maid be required to do so also? Will I still have to pay for the maid's levy?

If taking her is too difficult, I would have to find an inhouse maid there, since my husband will be very busy working and I also hope to find some teaching job.
I've read some asking if the maid is Filipino or Indonesian. How do they differ? How much would I have to pay for an inhouse maid? What happens when I have to go home for the holidays(do they stay somewhere else or do they stay at our house?)? I've read some ads form individual agents - are they reliable?

sorry about so many questions :(
I'm so worried about relocating again and putting my sons through so much change again. I would love to have our maid go with us so as to reduce the change as possible. Please let me know of any small information or advice you have.

Thank you so much~~

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