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Notify IRAS 1 month before Termination ?

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Notify IRAS 1 month before Termination ?

Postby martincymru » Thu, 19 Nov 2015 5:43 pm

My Employer informed today that on 7 Dec 2015 he will be informing IRAS that I will be leaving his Company on 7 Jan 2016.

His company have no further work for me so 7 Jan 2016 is my last day of employment.

EP status; expires 8 Jan 2016.

I have not contacted IRAS yet about this "mandatory" obligation but would welcome, in the meantime, your opinion / thoughts / guidance on the matter.

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Re: Notify IRAS 1 month before Termination ?

Postby JR8 » Thu, 19 Nov 2015 7:29 pm

No expert here, but I never had to deal with IRAS directly at all. I filed local tax-returns but they were compiled for me by a company-hired accountant. When I got canned, my company informed IRAS, but still IRAS dealt via HR (even well after I'd left SG), as opposed to directly dealing with me.

... I do hope that a leaving on 7/1/16, *if* not taking up further employment in SG, won't require you to pay for or have to DIY the filing of a return for Year2016.
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Re: Notify IRAS 1 month before Termination ?

Postby sundaymorningstaple » Thu, 19 Nov 2015 11:06 pm

You employer is absolutely correct. They have to file an IR-21 (Tax Clearance) with IRAS one (1) month before your final day of work. From the moment that notice is given, by law, the employer has to hold all salaries due from the date of the notification of termination/release until tax clearance has been settled. This could be shitty as if you or the employer gives you 5 weeks notice, a week before payday, the employer has to hold the current paycheck as well as the final paycheque until tax clearance is done.

Having said that, if the employer files the IR-21 online it takes less than 10 days for the employer to get tax clearance. You will also be informed by IRAS at the same time except you letter will state that the employer will be paying your tax bill and withholding that amount from any/all salaries due you. If you go to another employer here in Singapore, at the end of the tax years IRAS will recompute your taxes and bill you for any balance of taxes due.

For the blow by blow details.............. ... tep-Guide/

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