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Visa for relative of an SC

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Visa for relative of an SC

Post by jethrol » Thu, 12 Nov 2015 4:54 pm


Not sure if i am asking the question at the right place but here it goes.

I wanted to know if i would like to invite one of my relative to come here and look for a job or start business with me such as investing in a starting a school/child care or buying any such existing business. What are the provisions/options available?

so far i have not found any info on ica or mom sites. if any kind soul has any experience before, please feel free to advice.


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Re: Visa for relative of an SC

Post by BBCWatcher » Fri, 13 Nov 2015 1:38 pm

I'm assuming you are the Singapore citizen and your relative is a foreigner with no particular status in Singapore. I'm also assuming your relative is not eligible for an LTVP (i.e. not an immediate relative).

1. If your relative wants to come to Singapore to look for a job -- a job with a random employer (not you) -- your relative could come to Singapore either with a visa waiver (if your relative's citizenship allows that option) or with a regular short-term visa. In the latter case, you and your relative can submit a visa application online using ICA's SAVE Web site as long as you have a SingPass. After your relative's entry into Singapore it may be possible to extend your relative's stay if necessary. Visa approval, entry, and stay extension are not guaranteed.

2. If you have a genuine, registered business in Singapore then your business may be able to hire your relative as an employee. Review the conditions associated with the following pass types at MOM's Web site: Employment Pass, S Pass, and Work Permit (for foreign worker).

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