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chances for successful application of citizenship

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Re: RE: Re: chances for successful application of citizenship

Post by mystic_river » Fri, 06 Nov 2015 12:20 pm

rockstar_sg wrote:
ecureilx wrote:
rockstar_sg wrote: Salary is not a concern only if you are Malay Chinese.
Pray, Tell me, Malay Chinese ? Seriously?

What's a Malay Chinese, by the way ?

I can introduce you to a dozen Malays who would promptly declare war on you for mixing it up.

And you just proved your ignorance...
The problem with you : ecureilx and the great admin : sundaymorningstaple is that you both talk as like you know more than ICA and I am following up your replies across the forums where your answer never stick with one truth. You guys(or girls !?). My best advise to you both : Let the other actual users reply the forum posters with freedom(otherwise this site will loose the users, which I think already happening) . Don't jump on as like you are the Singapore version of FBI agents. You guys really never know the multi culture of neither Singapore nor Malaysia.

niar changge bu shi yinwei tamen youle daan ,ershi yinwei tamen you ge yao chang.
Uhm. I don't think anyone here acts like they know more than the ICA. As someone who's an ACTUAL user that you just referred to above, I can say the admins have been very consistent in their answers and what they are trying to do: to use anecdotal evidence to advise on answers us users seek. AND, when someone else gives off wrong advice without any evidence to back it up, they'll correct them so.

If they are harsh with you, blunt with you, curt with you, it's because they don't want to beat around the bush. they want it lay it out on you as it is. you are asking them for help. they are giving you their most honest opinion based on anecdotal evidence (i cannot stress that enough).

again, coming from an actual user that you mentioned above, and not some admin or a veteran of this forum.

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