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Control and Management in Singapore

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Michelle Lai
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Control and Management in Singapore

Post by Michelle Lai » Fri, 09 Oct 2015 11:11 am

Dear all,

Understand that all newly setup company can enjoy first 100k tax free for 3 consecutive years but one of the condition is control and management must be in Singapore .

Question :

How to define " control and management " in Singapore ? Held Annual General Meeting in Singapore ?

Question :

If director only able spend around 30 days per year in Singapore ( company dealing with online business services) will this acceptable ?

Question :

To fullfill " control management in Singapore " will there better option to appoint someone to be director who spend most of time in Singapore ( ever though he not involve with company business )

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Strong Eagle
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Re: Control and Management in Singapore

Post by Strong Eagle » Fri, 09 Oct 2015 12:06 pm

You must be registered in Singapore as a Pte Ltd, and to do so, you must have a "normally resident" director, that is, someone who is legally entitled to live in Singapore. She must have a legal Singapore residential address.

If your board of directors is mostly absent or live in another country, then your control and management does not lie in Singapore, and you will not be entitled to the tax breaks. For example, you have your paid resident director but the biggest shareholder and MD lives in KL... control and management does not lie in Singapore, it lies in KL.

You can appoint a resident director but if decisions are being made by people who do not live in Singapore you don't have "control and management" in Singapore.

Why isn't this simple for you? The Gahmen wants Singapore registered companies to be run by Singapore located individuals. If you want to have something different, incorporate in a tax haven which doesn't care where you do business.

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