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Visit Visa for my GF

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Visit Visa for my GF

Post by robfromlondon » Thu, 08 Oct 2015 9:00 pm

Dear Forum Members, a bit of advice is required, apologies in advance if this has been asked before.

I have very recently arrived in on a 2yr EP. My card is being processed as we speak and is due to be issued to me next week. My GF is planning to come here for 2 weeks beginning of Nov, however she is from a part of Eastern Europe that requires a Visit Visa to enter here. We spent 24 hrs here last year on-route to Malaysia for which she had a wavier and that is her only history of visiting Singapore. If she likes it here (what's not to like) we will look at the options for her to relocate after here initial visit.

I was going to request a Visit Visa for her next week when I receive my SingPass account. But if this is rejected (and i understand that I have no right to appeal) that is effectively our relationship finished. My question is should I be applying for a visit visa in this way when I am still very new and can anybody think of a better way or is this indeed the best way and I should be OK

Any advice most appreciated.

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Re: Visit Visa for my GF

Post by Strong Eagle » Fri, 09 Oct 2015 1:54 am

You might as well go ahead and apply. I doubt the age of your SingPass makes any difference. What matters is what she/you puts on her application. The only other alternative for her is to submit a paper application to the nearest foreign mission. Whether or not they would evaluate the application any differently, or whether they would just send the application to Singapore by diplomatic pouch for evaluation, I have no idea.

I judge that even if she is successful in obtaining a visit pass, it will be quite difficult for her to obtain any kind of permanent residency pass... unless perhaps you were to marry her and apply for DP, or she possesses education and skills that Singapore deems as "in demand".

Reference website:

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Re: Visit Visa for my GF

Post by JR8 » Fri, 09 Oct 2015 2:37 am

+^ I think that's about it.
I'd add - first visit apart from a transit-stop last year/2 weeks - based upon the description given there is little in such a trip that is likely to raise any eyebrows (my 2c/MHO).

Things can get looked at differently when such a visitor is a repeat visitor. When they're seeking to be in SG far more than a typical tourist/visitor might be. When it looks like they might be making SG a home for part of the year, and yet remain on the status of a 'tourist'.
Just mentioning that now so you have in mind something of the limitation that will apply. If she is from a Visa country, and not one eligible for an SVP on arrival, the boundaries might be drawn in a little closer still.
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