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Re: Bespoke Shirts / Suits

Post by ComingSoon » Thu, 04 May 2017 7:55 pm

I also found Mode Et Creation in Orchard to be pretty good value. For shirts I prefer Grand City (cheaper, great fabric selection), but Anthony at Mode Et Creation is worth a look. I only had a shirt done there, but he's probably pretty good for suits.

Would definitely make an appointment before showing up.

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Re: Bespoke Shirts / Suits

Post by iamtherealBryson » Thu, 23 Nov 2017 6:35 pm

Disclaimer: this is my first post.. it is 100% voluntarily and not sponsored

I've started my new job and was lurking around a few local as well as expats forums for recommendations on good quality tailors. It seemed that a handful recommended the usual CYC or ROSSI big-name tailors. Don't get me wrong, they are definitely good in their respective business model, but their price quotations were far fetched from my budget. approx 1.5k for a entry suit? I could have easily doubled the quantity with the same fabric grade back in my hometown.

So my ex-colleague told me about his new tailor that he's been trying out. We touched on that topic over lunch simply because I began noticing his work clothes had undergone a significant change (for the better) and has received compliments from workplace.

And the following week, I scheduled an appt with this tailor 'Assemblesg' in town . I was served by this young chap named 'Ken'. Although he looks half my age , he is definitely someone who knows his stuff. And boy here I thought he was joking over the previous phone enquiry when he said he had 1000 over fabrics. The selections he had were fascinating. I was spoilt for choice and the variety he had made my hometown tailor seem inferior.

At first, I didn't want the typical main-stream black or navyblue suit, kinda did a bit of research beforehand, and ken said/agreed the same thing. He suggested something subtle with faint checks to add more volume to my lean and tall frame. The base color we decided on was Spanish blue, apparently the fabric had a tinge of blue and grey under different lights. We also added an unconventional look with wood buttons. I chose wine red buttonhole color for my suit collar as it stood out with subtlety without looking too tacky. And we also agreed on having a two tone inner lining to bring out some personality. I LOVED every bit of it.

I was given 2 fittings to perfect the fit. one of them was an outer shell kinda trial without any buttons or linings. I guess he more or less nailed it (about 80%) on the first fitting.

Throughout the entire process, the suit was delivered within a healthy timeline albeit it was a little challenging to schedule fitting slots due to his hectic schedule and sending my kids to school didnt help either. However I could overlook that part because I was already impressed by his meticulous eye for details. I didn't even noticed I had imbalanced sloped shoulders and a protruding right shoulder blade till he pointed that out. You can see the picture for yourself. I've yet to try out other tailors but I wont consider that option in the near future since Ken has done a very good job and has won me over as a potentially long customer. I will probably look into making another linen jacket with him and post some pic here to share.

p/s the picture quality and light doesn't do justice to the fabric texture and the check patterns. Fwiw, the entire suit cost me $550 only and the white easy iron shirt is $99.

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