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How soon can I re-enter SG after being refused entry? I will have an IPA for E pass

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Re: How soon can I re-enter SG after being refused entry? I will have an IPA for E pass

Postby s.dova » Thu, 12 Oct 2017 3:23 pm

jazz0413 wrote:Thank you everyone for your input and for your advice. I have successfully re-entered Singapore one week ago with my IPA and now have my E pass again. I did finally receive a reply from ICA regarding my appeal but it was what I expected, that even with the IPA it is still up to the ICA officers at the checkpoint whether I can enter Singapore or not.

Hi Jazz, happy that you saw a successful and smooth outcome!

I am in desperate need for some advise, if anyone could help shed a light, that would be awesome!!!

So..My case is different, currently, though. I was refused entry to Singapore (had my passport written with an 'NTL' --> Not To Land) and on the second time I tried (having purchased a flight ticket out), I was given only a 7-day stay.

Long story short, I received a job offer and upon application of my S-Pass, the company was informed that I am ineligible for a work pass. MOM mentioned on the phone to the company that it's likely due to my NTL case.

My questions are:

1. Did you get your EP approved without problem at all? How long did it take you?
2. What was your application detail, if you don't mind me asking i.e. job title, salary, years of experience
3. Did you write, in the EP Application form that you have been refused entry to Singapore before?

Any advises on this is truly, truly, truly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!!!

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