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Moving from HKG to Singapore

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Moving from HKG to Singapore

Post by etcf1123 » Mon, 24 Aug 2015 12:13 pm

I have just arrived in Singapore last Wednesday and will be flying out on 11 September for training at HQ.. will not return to Singapore till 21 December. Have been looking at some flats over the past weekend to get a feel of different areas and the condos and price range. Would be great if I can gather some advice on what locations to look for.

- your budget (approx range) - SGD2500 - 2800
- your workplace/s (don't name names, just approx neighbourhood) - 71 Robinson Rd / Tanjong Pagar
- the size and/or type of property that you are seeking (#bedrooms, on-site facilities etc) - 1 bedroom, partially or fully furnished, not necessary to have facilities
- will you have a car here? - No
- proximity to transport required. MRT-subway/buses/the airport/Malay border post (if so, which one). - prefer close to MRT or buses to work place
- will you have any accompanying children needing to attend school? If so, age/s? - No
- are you looking at private (international/fee-paying, or local schools?) - not applicable
- will your employer being funding any fees; or will you, 'out of pocket'? - no housing allowance, completely out of pocket
- is remaining within a national curriculum important; if so what nationality are you? - not applicable
- have you identified any such schools yet? not applicable

Nice to have:
- will you need to be able to say walk to the local shops, a library, your doctor, a market, and so on? - nice to be close to supermarket (prefer fairprice or ntuf)
- access to any specific sport, social, and recreation facilities? - not necessary
- are you considering bringing any pets. If so what kind, and will they require outdoor access and/or exercise? - nope
- are you considering bringing any parents/in-laws etc? Do they have specific needs (for example difficulty climbing stairs?) - nope

Your current home and commute:
- are you already a city dweller? i.e. Are you used to city-centre hustle and bustle, or would you hope for a bit more peace and quiet? - currently at Alexis @Alexandra Rd...would be nice to be in city but also open to options at city fringes that is more quiet
- what is the size and type (apartment, house+garden etc) of your current home? - 2 bedroom condo
- what are any current commute times like? 20-30min

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Re: Moving from HKG to Singapore

Post by the lynx » Fri, 28 Aug 2015 3:07 pm

Your budget is a little too low for condominiums, that's for sure. If you don't mind renting HDB by yourself in fringes along East West line like Clementi, Buona Vista, Commonwealth, Tiong Bahru, you definitely will be able to find a 2-bedder minimum (there is no single bedder HDB), with train that go straight into Tanjong Pagar. The places I mention definitely have supermarkets and train stations and decent bus network. You will be looking at 20 minutes' train ride from Clementi (the most farthest point in my list).

If location or proximity is a huge thing, consider sharing a flat with others. By the way, there is HDB in Tanjong Pagar - you can literally walk there if you want.

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