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PR approval chances - 1 year in SG, professional EP family

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PR approval chances - 1 year in SG, professional EP family

Post by sxsw » Sun, 14 Jun 2015 3:47 pm

First time poster, long time lurker here. Searched the forums but couldn't find anyone else with a similar story/background. Feel free to *** on this post if it doesn't belong, but here goes.

We are considering applying for a PR. Wanted to see if anyone else has a similar background, or knows of any other families with a similar background, and their PR rejection/approval result?

Heard of anecdotal stories of others getting approved quickly (less than 2 years) if both parents have good education and good jobs, plus children.

Wife and I are both EP holders, 3 kids, high salary and high education credentials.

Me - Canadian passport, mid 30's, Vietnamese heritage (non-Chinese).
My Education: Masters and Bachelors (Business) from highly ranked university.
Length in Singapore: 1.5 years
Job: Director at an international professional services company.
Salary: 13K+/month

Wife - Korean passport, late 30's.
Wife's Education: Bachelors (Business) from a highly ranked university.
Time in Singapore: 10 months
Job: Marketer at a major European media company.
Salary: 12K+ month

Children: 3 (1 boy, 2 girls) - all under age 10. All in International School.

Motivation: we want to stay in Singapore in the long-run to be close to our families in the region and want our kids in top local schools. Plus we love Singapore.

What do you think our chances of PR approval are this early (<2 tax yrs?)

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