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DP Pass for children

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DP Pass for children

Post by flowing » Wed, 13 May 2015 3:05 am

We are currently preparing for our move to SG. Plenty of questions coming up, most of them around complicated timing & logistics as my company needed about 4 months to get all done and now we are (as always) running out of time to make it prior end of June.

Anyways... as I plan to come in first in late June to pick up my EP and bring in my family over in July - how does it work with picking up the DP pass for the children? Do they need to be present (e.g. will they get fingerprinted?) or can we as the parents take care of it?

Also in which order do you normally do Bank account, flat search, etc? Can I establish an account before having a permanent address (e.g. to the address of my company?)

Thanks for this quick one!

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Re: DP Pass for children

Post by komatineni » Wed, 13 May 2015 8:56 am

For DP, you can get it first by applying online, but you need to register finger prints in two weeks. So if it matches, you can give it a try.

On the bank account, flat etc.. I would go first with Flat as it tend to take some time. Bank accounts could be pretty fast and can be done in an hour and shouldnt be a major issue.

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Re: DP Pass for children

Post by LaoDan » Wed, 13 May 2015 9:07 am

I Just moved here;

I don’t know the rules, but my kiddo was fingerprinted & photographed , so I’m assuming they need to be present.

I did, in order, school search, bank, passes, ..etc, and flat last. I didn’t know where my kid would be attending school, so I waited until that was nailed down.

I opened an account with DBS as they only required the ep approval letter & Serviced Apartment address, whereas other banks said I needed the actual pass. I just needed to update my information later.

Cheers : )

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Re: DP Pass for children

Post by JR8 » Wed, 13 May 2015 10:21 am

flowing wrote:We are currently preparing for our move to SG.
... Also in which order do you normally do Bank account, flat search, etc? Can I establish an account before having a permanent address (e.g. to the address of my company?)
The main driver in this seems to be the bank requiring proof that you have residency rights. They do seem to understand that new arrivals usually do not yet have a permanent address concluded, and IME that is not a problem. Previously I have used the employers address, with the understanding that it'll be switched to my home, when I have a home sorted out.

You picking up your EP is the first thing, that = a 'right of residency', i.e. you're not simply on tourist status any more.

Setting up a bank account is simple, it might only take an half an hour (maybe best to avoid peak-times like lunch-break?). Since you likely don't yet know where you'll be living there could be value in opening it at the branch nearest your workplace.

When you start flat-hunting, IF you just happened to find your dream apartment on day 1 you'll be grateful of having a local means for making the down-payment. The odds of finding it on day1 are almost nil, but the point is, this is a potential obstacle that is simple to eliminate.

Just in case you haven't looked at these, these are a couple of other matters you might benefit from you giving attention to now...

'Guide: Where should I/we consider living?'

'[FAQ] Relocating? What to Bring To Singapore'
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