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Post by eone17 » Mon, 06 Apr 2015 6:44 pm

Hi...Here is my situation

I'm SG, My wife is Indo,Apply for my wife LTVP on 16/02/2015
Get Approved In Principle on 23/03/2015 (on the spot, make the payment)
The earliest date for Appointment is 05/05/2015 , all other day is fully booked,

Here the tricky part of the application....
My wife passport is expire on 01/10/2015
the due date is 01/04/2015 (6 months)

As i looked thru the Approved in Principle documents stated that,
"the validity of the travel documents" , does that mean that you must have a least 6 months?

I called the ICA : explain about my situation, because my appointment
ICA tell my wife to Go back to her country to renew it, as the embassy in Sg could not do it..
Or Walk in personally to see the Officer ...

IF i decided to send my wife back just to renew her passport @ her home country, it will damage her application, Because she will be issue a new D/E

ICA told me that once U got Approve in Principle, u can travel out of the country...
while waiting for appointment, is that true?

Anybody face the same situation before?

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Re: Passport

Post by ecureilx » Mon, 06 Apr 2015 11:27 pm

eone17 wrote: Anybody face the same situation before?
Go and insist you want to speak to an officer

The application is tied to DE card and when you try to get an appointment with a different DE card or turn up to get a queue number the system goes cranky as I saw it two years ago. maybe they fixed it now ..

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