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Re: Moving to Singapore

Post by TandD » Wed, 08 Apr 2015 7:42 am

[quote="Paul the Pole"][quote="TandD"]Just from a wife's perspective, I would agree that probably your wife wants to be near family which of course is important. However, so many expats wives I've met and others I have heard about have husbands who work long hours and weekends etc. (fortunately my husband is employed by a UK company so haven't been swallowed by work.)

So as I wife, as much as I would like to be near my family, at the end of the day, which one would I choose; my husband's time, attention and involvement or, much less of him and more of my family? I would have my husband anytime, after all I did choose to leave my family to share my life with him. Not only that, goodness, how many expats marriages have I heard of that has broken here (yes I know there are divorces everywhere, but it seems that the pressure, temptation, and whatever others factors of being an expats seem to weaken marriages in SG).

Maybe as a couple you need to consider if those potential change would affect you and in the bigger picture, what would be best for you as a 'family unit'. Not saying that by moving here you'll end up divorced, I'm just suggesting that you weight up the pros and cons and how it would impact your relationship.[/quote]

TandD this is very true. I emailed your post to my wife :). But seriously, I have some bad feelings regarding moving to SG, and would rather skip this. Thank you for your post.[/quote]

What I also meant to say is that my post assumes you are that husband that does give your wife time, attention and involvement especially when the little one comes along. If not, she needs her family!!! I'm not into bashing men and saying "they're all the same"because I know plenty of good men/husbands, but unfortunately I also know a lot of husbands who don't care for their wives very well. So whilst I'm completely an advocate for protecting marriages, doesn't matter where you are, it can only be protected if both of you are doing it. PS gut feelings = something.

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