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PR advice, approaching 40

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Re: PR advice, approaching 40

Post by Sunny1123 » Thu, 13 Apr 2017 7:03 pm

PNGMK wrote:I disagree. There are (esp for Caucasian/Others) a limited number of slots.... now whether Sunny's profile would have even gotten him considered for a slot is debatable but even if he did get considered he still needs to be ranked against the others who are in the 'others' category.
With more applications made than PR's granted, and the acknowledged goal of maintaining racial group ratios, there is surely some form of competition.

It's fun to speculate how the (deliberately opaque) system works... Given the large numbers, it can't practically be one person in a room ranking applications directly against each other. I've always pictured a points system and a yearly quota divided into periods (quarterly? monthly?). That would allow many staff to evaluate the applications and assign points throughout the period. At the end of each period, they could just rank applications by total points and accept until the quota for that period is filled.
snakebite wrote:Your profile appears similar to what mine was when I was approved for PR about 2 years ago, except that my salary was slightly less than yours, and I am in the engineering industry. Otherwise, same age, same marital status, same length of stay in Singapore etc.

Go for it, but set your expectations low as nobody really knows what the criteria is. If you get it, great. If not, then you haven't really lost anything.
Congratulations, and thanks for the encouraging words! I'll probably reapply every year or so unless they say "you are rejected, and don't bother applying again" :)

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