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Looking for expats for health & wellness study, $100

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Looking for expats for health & wellness study, $100

Post by Guest » Tue, 18 Jan 2005 5:17 pm

We have a health & wellness study below in 2 weeks time. Free free
to forward them to anyone suitable who meets the criteria. Please have them email me personally at [email protected]
All are 1st come 1st serve basis. Limited vacancies.

- Confident & independent individuals
- Keenly aware of designs & fashion trends

- Cares for own health and well-being. Willing to spend $ to
pamper/groom/preserve self (e.g. facials, massages, mani/pedicures, health supplements, etc.)

- Very health conscious, maintains health by engaging in various
sports or health/exercise regimes

- Keeps self informed by reading health and wellness magazines or
read/watch health sections of magazines, newspapers,TV programmes, internet, etc.

- Concerns in health and wellness extends to people around him/her,
e.g. family members, friends, etc.

- Respondents or their spouses must not be holding Singapore PR!

* Respondents must speak English fluently, be articulate and able to
express themselves.
* Respondents must not have participate in any paid survey in the
last 12 months
* Respondents must not have any close friends or relatives working
in any of the
following sensitive industries?

- Market Research Agency
- Advertising agency / Public Relations
- Media - Newspaper / Radio / TV
- Marketing/Business Development

Gp 4: 25th Jan (Monday) 630pm
- Expatriates who have worked for at least 1 yr in Singapore
- Takes fairly frequent pleasure trips per year (at least 3-4 in a year)
- 30-50 Gender Mix
- 50% Married, 50% other marital status
- 50% must have kids, 50% with none
- Working-mix of professions (no more than 3 homemakers)
- Monthly household income > 7K
- Respondent token: $100

Please fill in all the following information. Incomplete response
will not be entertained.

Job Title:
Contact number:
NRIC/FIN number:
Education level:
Monthly Personal Income:
Monthly Household Income:
Maritual Status: Single/Married/Others
Kids: yes/no
NUmber of leisure trips taken in a year
Have you participate in any survey in the last 12 months? Yes/No NO
Do you have any close friends or relatives working in any of the
following sensitive industries? Yes/No NO

- Market Research Agency
- Advertising agency / Public Relations
- Media - Newspaper / Radio / TV
- Marketing/Brand Consulting

How it works
Before confirmation for the session, my colleague will be giving you a
call.If you are selected for the session, they'll let you know the confirmed
date and time. It's usually a 1.5-2hr session with 5-6 people. During the
session, there'll be a moderator who hosts the session. He/she will ask
questions on the relevant topic, while you will be ask to share your views.
At most sessions, there are also refreshments & food! . You are expected to
speak out and share your thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers, just
individual views/opinions.

Please note that:
1. Potential respondents must be willing to spend approx 8-10 mins on the
telephone, as we need to administer a set of profiling questions.

2. Potential respondents qualified and selected for this project will be
invited for the focus group on the respective date.

3. Potential respondents who are not invited will be notified as soon as
possible. However, due to the huge number of respondents, your name might be
slip. If you do not hear from us in two weeks time, you are not selected for
the project.

4. Potential respondents only get paid after they attended the survey.

5. Please observe closing date and eligibility.

6. Please answer all questions in the ad to avoid delay in selection.Back to

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