Buying sports gear (especially $+ items)

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Buying sports gear (especially $+ items)

Post by JR8 » Mon, 23 Feb 2015 2:22 pm

Just a tip that might might be of use to others, since good sporting goods remind me of good kitchen goods in how expensive they can be here.

I recently replaced my SCUBA regulators with a new set. Technology moves on apace, and servicing old gear such as that is quite expensive, [especially here in SG! [ :x ]. As with a car, there's a point it makes economic sense to simply replace with new.

I did some digging around, and probably via a px-comparison site came upon a company called DiveInn. If I open their www their contact information gives a phone code in Spain, but their sporting goods range is hugely extensive and well priced, and the look/feel is much more 'global' than southern European, for example you can browse the site in 17 languages...

They split down the sports and products ranges into 11 'sub-shops', for example:
Nautical and fishing
Mortorbiking clothing
Racket sports

[Just realised - no golf department!?]

Anywayz, I got some very good quality SCUBA regs from there, and IIRC even with freight and import duty they were still something like 30-40% cheaper than here. Certainly a place I'll be x-referencing again on prices for any future sporting $+ purchase.

The www is" onclick=";return false; . That should take you to their trek shop, and you should see the 10 other 'shop' tabs across the top of the page.

[I've zero connection with them, barring the above order, which left me most impressed].
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