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Employment Pass for a Media/television role

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Employment Pass for a Media/television role

Postby hweets » Thu, 12 Feb 2015 11:24 pm


I am new to this group but I have found it very helpful so thank you.

I am from UK and my partner (not yet married) is being relocated to a job in Singapore so I will not be on a Dependent Visa. I have a degree from a British university and have been working in television production for the last 3 years. I would really like to work out in Singapore but am not sure how easy it is to get an Employment Visa especially with the election.

Is the only way to work out in Singapore to get an employer to sponsor an application? If i couldn't get a media company to do this, would I struggle to find any work out there? Are there general expat roles that expats can do and be sponsored for an Employment Pass.

Any advice would be amazing because I am very concerned and we aren't sure if we can accept a relocation at the moment.


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