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need advice on my rental situation

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need advice on my rental situation

Post by nookymagnet » Fri, 23 Jan 2015 3:16 pm

The situation:

I am currently living with two housemates (since September 2014) - a guy and a girl, in a condo. We are all Caucasian and EP holders. I have the master room, the other two have common rooms. The girl is the main tenant and handles all new tenants (apparently with the approval of landlord/agent). The other tenant arrived recently in December 2014.

When I signed my contract (same for the other housemate), it was only between she and myself... no agent/landlord involved...only signatures are hers and mine... and no clauses stating anything about the conditions for getting evicted, no check-in/check-out procedure. She also refused to give us the contact information of the agent/landlord.

After a month or two, I needed somebody to take a look at my room's window, just a simple thing to repair...she wouldn't allow me to contact the agent, and scolded me like some dictator to stop complaining about the room and to basically shut-up. The other male housemate also has had several run-ins with her.

Everybody who has met her (other than myself and the other housemate) has remarked that she is indeed strange. She has made racist comments, made unprovoked and random insults to girlfriends of friends in front of other people, and insists to control the household by constantly making nagging-style comments.

My housemate and I both finally started to basically voice our concern to her for the instability in the household which she is creating, and asked nicely if we could all three talk and come to some common agreement -- she refused, and then issued recently an email and whatsapp message to each of us, kicking us out (with a one month notice). She has also sent insulting whatsapp messages to us both, and still refuses to give us the landlord/agent contact number. Today she announced on whatsapp that she will be blocking us on whatsapp/SMS. Our "kick-out" date she set to February 23rd.

So we both are completely in disbelief, and feel we have to do something. We brought this situation up to the condo management office but they don't want to get involved.


Is this "contract" legal?
Can she sublet like that? ..and then just screw people at will, kicking them out like dogs for no reason?
Who can help us?

Any advice is welcomed.

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Re: need advice on my rental situation

Post by AngMoG » Fri, 23 Jan 2015 5:58 pm

I think the only entity you can complain to is URA (or somebody correct me - the agency that is responsible for private property). You do not have to have an agent involved really for this situation, but the contract must contain certain provisions and needs to be for a fixed term. (Not sure if it complies.) And, of course, the landlord needs to be reasonable and fix stuff.

Overall though, I am wondering why you would want to stay there... one month is plenty to find a new place. Just leave, everything is fine as long as you get the deposit back.

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Re: need advice on my rental situation

Post by x9200 » Fri, 23 Jan 2015 7:07 pm

Without knowing what the contract says on the termination we can only guess. It can be all "legal" or "illegal".
Are the stamp fees paid?

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Re: need advice on my rental situation

Post by rajagainstthemachine » Mon, 26 Jan 2015 11:44 am

you do know for a fee of 2$ you can get the details of the landlord of a particular property in Singapore right?
Just throwing it out there.
Here is that link, but I am not sure if it will give you the contact details of said landlord. ... LListIntro" onclick=";return false;
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