In Demand Skills

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In Demand Skills

Post by themove » Sat, 17 Jan 2015 9:24 am

Hey guys,

I've been browsing the jobs forum and noticed several threads stressing how difficult it is for a foreigner to get a job without experience and the right skills. I am an American. I was wondering if I am on the right track to having a chance at a job in Singapore. Right now I am working on a mechanical engineering degree, which the ministry website says is in demand. After that and a 2 years of exp or so, would this give me a good chance? (Would it even be possible with just internship exp, I want to go pretty badly...)


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Re: In Demand Skills

Post by PNGMK » Sun, 18 Jan 2015 7:57 pm

You need relevant expertise in a domain which is in demand in Singapore. Some that come to mind; downstream processing in petroleum, ship yard / naval architecture, tank farms. However there are more than enough mech eng from around the area to fill most needs - hence the best way may be to find a job with a company that will do an internal transfer into Singapore for you. Look at the international / MNC's operating here (GE/Shell etc).
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Re: In Demand Skills

Post by JR8 » Sun, 18 Jan 2015 8:32 pm

Agree with PNG^

In a way it's two sides of a coin. If you intend to land here on your own merits, you need to prove (and some) you've got skills others locally have not. That gets easier the more good experience you have, and vice versa. If you get an internal transfer the company will employ their knowledge (and perhaps lawyers/visa agents) to make a good case for why they need you to relo.

I don't think you can realistically start your career in NY/London/Sydney etc by saying 'I want to relo to SG' (obviously), but what you can do is get a foot in the door, and have your antennae very attuned to what is happening in SE Asian branches, and steer your path/skills in that direction.

Also don't underestimate working in 'head office' or a major branch, being a committed hard worker, proven to be adaptable as required etc., and the one guy in the dept who would be willing to relo for intnl projects or permanently if required. I think that's underestimated: Most people (IME) start a career job to stay in that locale, rather than to set off around the world. The willingness to up and relo is a material and differentiating virtue, so let it be known. That same unplanned but more accidental attitude took me via multiple postings right around the world, and 20+ years later I'm still not quite done.
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