Advice on skills for a software developer

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Advice on skills for a software developer

Post by trafagar » Sun, 28 Dec 2014 10:32 pm

I'm interested into moving into Singapore but from what I've gathered so far getting a job will prove to be quite challenging.
So I came here to look for advice on things that I should do to improve my chances on getting a job as a software developer. Things like having a good CV, a good LinkedIn profile and putting my CV out there are obvious to me.
But others are not so obvious. Creating an open source project on GitHub? Answering questions on stackoverflow? Freelancing part-time to people in Singapore to improve my networking? Getting certifications? Etc...

I'm currently working in London and I'm in no particular hurry to move to Singapore. So I don't mind advices that might take some time to put into practice (up to one year).
Any advice would be welcome.

Information about me:
- 27 year old
- Bachelor degree in computer science (3 years, 15/20),
- Msc in computer science (2 years, 17/20)
- Did Phd for 1,5 years but I quit
- Worked 1,5 years in Portugal as java backend developer
- Working in the last year as a java backend developer in London

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