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Long Term Visit Pass

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Long Term Visit Pass

Postby SingJames4400 » Tue, 09 Dec 2014 11:38 am

Hi all,

Been in Singapore over 5 years now working. 28 years old, original from Scotland.

At the moment, my partner whom I met 18 months ago, who is 24 and of Mongolian nationality, is currently living with me in Singapore.

To set the expectation here, my partner moved Singapore in 2009 to study at MDIS, then moved to Germany to Bad Honnef for University, before coming back Singapore last year to complete additional professional qualification.

My problem, we met outside UK and it was in Singapore. We live together, travel together and do everything regular couples would do. I make decent dollar and prob would have a decent bash at PR with my age and intentions for being in Singapore.

Reaching out to those with any experience of starting a relationship with a non-Singaporean outside of your home nation and applying for long term visit pass. Is there any success?

I know the story and the stereotype attached, but the system is obviously strict to avoid abuse of it. However, it almost feels like after 18 months together, Singapore would twist your arm to marriage to then take up Dependent Pass.

However, that is no reason to be married and to note, Partner is also looking for work too. But, requiring and EP in this market at a relative graduate level is not easy to come by. We all know that. Visa runs will not work and reality, should we be expecting to be looking elsewhere or does anyone have some success stories on this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Long Term Visit Pass

Postby chanwbkenneth » Fri, 19 Dec 2014 10:57 am

Nah, Singapore is pretty strict with the LTVP. Unless you marry and make babies for the nation.

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Re: Long Term Visit Pass

Postby SingJames4400 » Fri, 19 Dec 2014 11:18 am

Yep - agreed.

There is no way else round it - and I guess - fair enough.

Rules are rules.

For anyone reading whom may be in similar situation, I will give some detail to try help others out as I struggled finding good info around this.

If you are a foreigner, even if you as the EP holder have a partner from another foreign nation, even if the UK will not recognise "common-spouse", other nations will. In this instance, neither of our nations do. But basically, you can still apply for a LTVP if your relationship is recognised officially in one of the home nations of the two people in the relationship.

In addition, I spoke with numerous law firms for statutory oaths etc and while they can help with this and prepare a case for MOM, it is a long winded road to go down unless you have some real good solid proof. (i.e if your relationship started in Singapore, good chance you can safely say little chance to this - but not impossible pending the period of time together / bank accounts etc etc)

That been said, if neither nation would recognise, then the next step is marriage. LTVP+ is only open to Singapore & PRs. PRs at this time all know they are fortunate to an extent, to get PR currently as we await the new elections is pretty tough. (Good luck to those applying!)

For the marriage situation, it is fairly straight fwd. You can make it a small ceremony with the only need for two witnesses.

Simply go to Registry of Marriages in Singapore, follow the formalities and reach out to someone from the given Solemnisation list to confirm the available dates.

Yes. it can feel forced and lacking moral, but reality is, if you want to continue your career and build a future with your partner in Singapore, it is a viable option. I know not everyone will agree to this, but in my situation, all it did was bring fwd the planned wedding date by several months and we'll still do the formal ceremony at a later date.

Lastly, I should point out, I am 28, partner is 24 and recently just completed additional studies within Singapore itself. She has been on the look out for EP, but currently, at entry level and above, many of the roles are for PR/Singaporean. But, in the future, with the hope of being on a dependent pass, you can work with a 'letter of consent' that does not count against the employer's foreign quota etc.

It opens doors and breaks down the red tape - it is strict, but why should it not be. Supply and demand, Singapore is a great place and I still think Mr Cameron would wish his nation was on a similar footing to a degree.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year All!!

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Re: Long Term Visit Pass

Postby ecureilx » Fri, 19 Dec 2014 1:40 pm

chanwbkenneth wrote:Nah, Singapore is pretty strict with the LTVP. Unless you marry and make babies for the nation.

throw in the nationality of the girl, from past experience, ICA will most likely be firm in refusing LTVP !

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