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Post here for survey, questionnaire or poll for our expat members.
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Post by JR8 » Fri, 05 Dec 2014 9:18 am

Yusof Marican wrote: @JR8 Thank you for your valuable feedback which gave us some food for thought.
Just to clarify :
The target audience for the survey are expatriates who work and live in Singapore.
However, based on the feedback we received, we have decided not to restrict the survey solely to Employment Pass and S Pass Holders.
We welcome more feedback and constructive criticism to enable us better propose a marketing campaign for the client (i.e. Philippine Department of Tourism) and to learn as students :) ... o/viewform
My suggestion would be to state who you are, the purpose and goals of the survey, the number of questions in the survey, and an estimated time to complete the survey ['This survey should take about XY minutes to complete.' etc]*, and begin by casting the widest net possible: An approach that everyone's opinion is welcome. Then at the very end of the survey you could have a section re: demographics, 'And now a few questions about yourself'. I'm not a survey expert, but this approach seems quite common. Those latter questions typically might be:
- Nationality
- Gender
- Age-Group
- Visa/Residency status in Singapore [to cover every possibility this might be quite a long list, so 'Other' and a free-form box might be useful too]
So you start by inviting the widest audience, and then from data collected you can 'chop and dice' and filter it however you want.

You should also take care with definitions, 'expatriates who work and live in Singapore'. Does that exclude expats taking a career break, expats here who are retired, expats non-working dependants, expats who work offshore say on oil rigs, but are SG resident and have a Singapore home? Do their opinions not count equally for the purposes of your survey? I'm not sure, but might your target audience in fact be 'Everyone here who is not a Singaporean Citizen', and if so you could still let them participate, and filter as you wish afterwards. Who knows, you might find some interesting variance of opinion between SGns and 'expats' that although outside your area of immediate focus you could perhaps note any as an observation**.

Apologies if this sounds pedantic, but we have seen student surveys here before, and the better the survey framework, the better quality and more useful any output. HTH!

* Such as: We are a group of Travel/Business/Sociology etc of students, studying at ABC college. We are carrying out this poll for our coursework/PH Tourist Board/Other reason. We are interested in people's perceptions/experiences etc of travelling to the PH.

** Who knows:
- 'Singaporean respondents reported that they are willing to spend 60% more time in transit to their final point of destination'.
- 'Expat respondents reported that they would budget to spend 30% more on their trip/holiday, than SGn respondents'.
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