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Relocating to Singapore on a Shoestring budget

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Re: Relocating to Singapore on a Shoestring budget

Post by taxico » Tue, 02 Dec 2014 8:59 pm

jishnudg wrote:...I will be moving on an EP, for a year and a half. Regarding the room rent for a single room, are there any particular localities/areas that I should be looking at to get good deals in?
jishnudg wrote:As in places where I can strike a good balance between distance from work and rent amount.
singapore isn't, on a scale of things, big. or are good sites to figure out travel time needed - extra time included during peak hours (select date/time).

room rental sites usually give you an approximate address (block number and street name) which may help, and (while there are offices spread all over singapore) you might want to use marina bay/raffles place/tanjong pagar stations as your destination until you figure out where your work place is as those are about as busy as it gets (and end of the line) in the central business district.

here is a map i made for you as you don't know where is what is where.

areas demarcated in red have no residential accommodation in general.

areas in blue (rivers/reservoirs/lakes) and green (parks/jungles) are not habitable either.

you can see the areas that you will find habitable become greatly reduced. they are further reduced when you take out extremely expensive places (eg, parts pf bukit timah, marina south, orchard and other CBD areas, sentosa).

(right click image, save as/copy image URL then paste to load)

p/s: generally speaking (of course there are exceptions), the farther you move away from the south/south-east, the cheaper rent gets.
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