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Charity that collects?

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Charity that collects?

Post by Addadude » Mon, 24 Nov 2014 5:45 pm

Does anybody know of a charity that is willing to come to a donor's home to pick up stuff rather than require the donor to 'self-deliver?

I've already done a search here but the only name that came up was the Salvation Army but they've proven to be a waste of time. (First saying "yes" as long as it was more than 10 bags (which it easily will be) and then calling later to say they were booked up until after CNY.)

We've got loads of clothes, a CD player and speakers and a sh*tload of books to give away. I can of course simply leave all the stuff downstairs and let the unofficial HDB estate 'recycle team' scavange through it but they will leave an almighty mess and I simply don't like the idea of books been trashed for recycle paper.

Failing that, I'll have to book either a van or a very understanding taxi driver to 'self-deliver' the stuff to a collection bank.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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Re: Charity that collects?

Post by ecureilx » Mon, 24 Nov 2014 10:11 pm

Charities have been used as garbage disposal by unscrupulous donors ... as bulk disposal costs money..

now few charities want to collect unless they have a beneficiary lined up.

Let me check for you anyway

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