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Public sector Finance experience "not relevant"?

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Public sector Finance experience "not relevant"?

Post by dc34 » Fri, 26 Sep 2014 10:54 am

We've been over here for a few months on my job but my wife has hit a brick wall in terms of finding her own employment. Experience in finance, audit, policy, working with board-level directors, CIMA accounting qualifications dealing with literally billion pound budgets... yet over here the handful of agents who have bothered to even reply say that experience is "not relevant" to any type of finance job or says that only "Singaporeans are eligible for employment" - which can't be completely true otherwise I wouldn't be working here!

I've read a huge number of posts here suggesting the agents are generally pretty lazy and maybe haven't taken the time to understand the experience she has but I wondered if anyone else had been in the same boat and found a way through or perhaps had more general advice?

She's tailoring applications to individual roles, LinkedIn has all the right keywords but it's massively frustrating not even getting replies to direct contact.

I'll continue to look for nuggest of wisdom here but if anyone has advice it'd be appreciated!

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Post by Wd40 » Fri, 26 Sep 2014 11:37 am

May be the kind of jobs she is applying are really low level and the hiring managers looking at her CV think she is over qualified. In finance, there are plently of local people available to do the work, for cheap.

Just have a look at the govt jobsbank, search for the kind of job your wife is applying and then see how many locals have applied. You will get an idea.

Would your wife consider alternative careers? I know for a fact that recruitment companies still hire foreigners on LoC. Couple of my friend's wifes got jobs as recruitment consultants even though they didnt have same prior experience. Salary wont be great though.

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