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Post by JR8 » Thu, 18 Sep 2014 7:56 pm

It was Mount Faber. Could have been Seah Im Road (looking at Google Satellite view), the house at the NW end. It felt remote, was at the end of a dirt track up a steep hill. There was no sense of neighbours nearby IIRC. Anyway... ol' times.

I have a friend back home that has three 'Ridgies', and he shows them (i.e. enters them into dog shows/competitions). They are big dogs but no need to be intimidated. A lot of it is down to them being trained to know who is boss, after which it's pretty simple.

I house-sat a friends German Shepherd for 2-3 weeks, a spoiled/indulged dog (oh what fun!), quite a nervy/needy/aggressive dog, but once I'd taught him clearly that I was his 'pack leader', which took a few days, I got absolutely no further crap from him.... just love instead... [funny old world]...

But if I could send you some of the soppy pix my friend posts of his Ridgies, you might be surprised!

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