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BEWARE! Living experience at Huogang St11

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BEWARE! Living experience at Huogang St11

Postby Guest » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 4:17 am

I felt something weird about the black & red checked tiles when I first view the place at 1+ in the afternoon. It was soon over ridded by the space available with the rental, for the top floor of the 4 storey apartment. Happily, I signed the contact and prepare to shift in.

Nightmares starts…ONCE I OPENED THE DOOR TO THE HOUSE, ON MY 1ST NIGHT THERE, I SAW MANY PAIRS OF EYES AND BLUR FIGURES STARING AT ME. My friend who are beside me felt that something is not right, and waited to leave immediately.

I got a priest to bless the house, but it still did not do the trick. My housemate claims that he can’t get up for his bathroom visits at night. The master bedroom’s door and toilet cover opens mystically, weird voices were heard at night, and footsteps were felt on the bed while we sleep at night. Less than 3 months after shifting, I lost my job.

By this time I have found out that the previous tenant had the same encounter, and had lost his job about 3 months after shifting into that house as well. I have paid a hefty penalty both emotionally, and financially due to this. Pls be alert if you are buying for rent house.

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