Shifting to Singapore by dec end, what all to take care.

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Shifting to Singapore by dec end, what all to take care.

Post by allets456 » Tue, 26 Aug 2014 3:40 pm


i will be relocating to singapore by december end and my son will be one year old by then, i will be joining my work soon after i come,
since i am new to singapore , i wanted to know some basic things

how is the climate in sg during dec jan , is it the right time to shift with a baby.
which are good day cares where i can enroll my kid.
how much will be the average day care charges and what is the age limit for the same.
how much will baby food, diapers and other baby items all together comes to, an estimate.
What all items are better to be brought from my hometown.

Hope there will be lot of other mothers who had same questiosn when they shifted and now have a basic idea of all these things,
if anyone can guide me it would be nice.

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Post by JJuulliiaa » Thu, 28 Aug 2014 11:13 pm

I can answer a couple of those, am not working so cant help with childcare but

Climate in Sg doesnt really vary that much, there are 2 rainy seasons Dec-Mar & Jun-Sept, but in all honesty having come from the uk all it means is i sweat slightly less when I go outside!! Check out here for the full climate info

We use Huggies M size diapers, they are approx S$23 per pack of 64, and I pay S$10 for 3 packs of wipes (82 in a pack) - these are standard supermarket prices, sometimes they are on offer then you can bulk buy!
Cant really help with food as we are doing BLW so dont really buy any specifically for him sorry
Compared to the UK baby items, toys and clothes all seem to be slightly more expensive in mainstream shops, but not hugely. You will require far less clothing than living anywhere that has pesky seasons - my little boy (9 months old) lives in bodysuit onesies and shorts if we're going out! (he owns only 4 pairs of socks that he wears for going to soft play / play dates and thats it, though i guess if your lo is going to daycare will probably need them there).

Hope that has helped

Julia x

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Re: Shifting to Singapore by dec end, what all to take care.

Post by SGBound » Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:46 am

Hi Allets,

I am a FTWM and moving to Singapore mid-December, if you're interested in baby playdates with helpers then let me know, I am keen to get some activities organised for my 20 month old.



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