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[SenjurianzFC] Looking for football Players

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[SenjurianzFC] Looking for football Players

Post by seishouai » Wed, 30 Jul 2014 11:07 pm

About Us:

Senjurianz FC is a soccer club started long time ago in an unknown location and era. It had its own futsal and full football squad
comprised of youngsters. The team goes on for some years but never won any accolades, nevetheless the
youngsters played football passionately. The team ended abruptly without a sign as the youngsters
walked into adulthood. Present day,some members felt its time to rejuvenate back the team again in Singapore.


Since we are going to start a new football club from the cradle, its important for us to come out
with some milestones. Following is our mission for coming tenures.

i) To Find pool of football players to represent Senjurianz FC
ii) To Have first football match among Senjurianz FC.
iii) To Have our first friendly matches
iv) To join first football league tournament

Whom we looking for:-

We are still at the first phase of our team formation therefore not much regulation drafted out yet. We would
like to have a team than gives opportunity to as many football passionate out there.

We do set some lousy
entry requirements as below so that many can qualify to call yourself Senjurianaz

Age: 21 - 35
Positions :All existing football positions
Additional: Can make consecutive 3 succesfull 5 metres decent pass to another player. :o

We know its tough requirement :wink: but if you can't fulfill the above requirement, no worries you can be in the management role and join the
team practice till you are qualified to play in a match

Does the above team background interest you please drop us a mail at [email protected]

Please do include about yourself and football matters in your e-mail.It may sound as simple like
I am John Doe, 30++ from Bermuda. I play as striker and i hate playing defensive role. or you can write
your whole football CV.

Live, Laugh, Love

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