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Replacing iPod battery

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Post by x9200 » Thu, 31 Jul 2014 1:40 pm

aster wrote:
x9200 wrote:Surely I would not exchange any Apple product to some Sheissung.
Ditto that. As much as I admire Samsung for dishing out phones with different-sized screens which is something that Apple has yet to consider, 2 mins with any of their devices is enough to put me off from using their products for another 12 months...

As with everything, if you are used to something then that is all good. But if - as an Apple user - you are given a Samsung device, then that's all the convincing you need to not touch another Sammy device again for a loooong time. In me personal opinion those over-luminous Samsung stores are perfect at keeping Apple users loyal to Apple. :)
It's a different case. My phone is under android (i have inclinations towards android as I am a linux devoter) and I don' own an iphone but an ipad and macbook air. I think they are excellent quality hardware. That's it. Software wise I am far from worshiping the OsX and iOS. Getting back to Samsung I simply think it is a low quality brand and I think I am pretty fair with it - I give them a chance every 5 years or so and Samsung fails miserably. Last one was a BD player that I had to return it to the shop as it could not play 3/4 of my discs. I exchanged it to a pioneer paying 50% more and it was a huge relief.
Perhaps they are better with the mobile phones but I am not going to pay anything to figure this one out.

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