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Post by zzm9980 » Wed, 09 Jul 2014 12:06 am

x9200 wrote: Complicated?
nakatago wrote: He can handle it :wink:
Yes. It's not for him. He already said it is for someone else who is a complete non-techie.

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Re: Total Apple noob

Post by zzm9980 » Wed, 09 Jul 2014 12:18 am

I don't want a third color, so I'll just answer at the bottom.
Brah wrote:Thanks for this, replies in blue, some I also answered in the earlier post
zzm9980 wrote: I'll try answer as best as I can.

As I understand it, Apple is not big on USB for iPad connectivity, if if one has a lot of offboard data like on an external hard drive, how best to connect that to an iPad?
1) What kind of data is it?
Primarily iTunes, with maybe some downloads from Yahoo email. PDFs.

Apple's model for iOS devices isn't to just dump data onto, you do it on a per-application basis depending on what data you're manipulating.
ok good to know

For office type documents and such, I recommend DropBox. Sync and manipulate the files that way. Or Google Drive if you use google docs, or Office360, etc.
There are occasionally audio/video files shared from another Dropbox user, but no Office docs

Is there additional hardware required for the Apple version of a NAS, like an Airport (the Apple kind)?
2) No. But I'm not quite sure what you're asking - What are you trying to do?
Same as above - access iTunes files which are currently onboard

For a lightweight user, could an iPad serve as that person's main PC?
3) Easily, depending on your definition of lightweight and the applications you normally use.
Yahoo email, YouTube (extensively for news back home, educational stuff), but no movies or entertainment, though that would be a added bonus as I'm sure that comes easily with an iPad

I'm wondering about iTunes data, currently on a PC, how to make that available on an iPad with limited onboard storage.
4) How much data?
iTunes about 8-10gb
Movies or Music?
Only music
Did you purchase it through iTunes?
no, but ripped via iTunes

If not, you can pay $25 a year for "iTunes Match" and it will all magically sync to the "cloud". Even if you pirated it. In fact, they even give you upgraded copies later on your PC. Think of it as "laundering music".
Interesting, but is there not a free amount of storage with Dropbox or other cloud services? Like in the other post, I don't want to start paying for things that don't cost me money now

Otherwise, yes you can sync everything to your iPad from iTunes via USB or WiFi. You do need the USB cable the very first time to set it up though.
Glad to hear as I always though iPads didn't have any USB, but I guess there are SUB-Lightening converter cables (see one more thing I need to buy....)
Your music and such from iTunes will work absolutely fine, even if you 'ripped' it. (Separately, consider iTunes Match for your ripped music. Think of it as insurance/backup/piracy amnesty).

Just install the Dropbox app then. It'll work for the things you mention using dropbox for.

Sync your iTunes music one time. Even 8-10gb will fit on a 16gb model (you lose 2-3gb of space on any model for the OS and such).

Dropbox only has 2gb for free, other services have more. Dropbox by far has the nicest clients for any platform though.

Honestly everything you describe will be super simple with an iPad, just sync it your first time to iTunes via USB and you're done. No need to worry about wireless syncs or anything. Put the occasional file in Dropbox or email it to yourself. The person you're buying this for is pretty much the typical iPad casual user.

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Post by Brah » Wed, 09 Jul 2014 9:54 pm

Thanks again for all the advice.

Yeah, if it were for me I'd consider a Windows or Android tablet. The Surface is a bit big and heavy, I'd probably go for a Samsung for myself. But that is another financial cycle, I have a birthday present to buy first....

Seems like this should work with an iPad, which is what they want over anything else.

So let's see: iPad, Bluetooth keyboard, cover, screen protector, cradle, .....

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