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my experience with BK hospital Dr Kim

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my experience with BK hospital Dr Kim

Post by Whyar » Wed, 02 Jul 2014 2:31 am

Consult Day
BK Hospital was the first clinic I consulted. Once I reached BK, as usual I have to filled up my particulars and wait for my assigned consultant. This time my consultant is named Lisa. So we had a conversation of what are my problems before meeting Dr Kim.

Lisa is friendly, same as other consultants I have met in other clinics. I felt comfortable talking to her because she is not as aggressive to "close my deal" as compared to some other consultants that I talked to.

Its time to meet Dr Kim. Once I stepped into his room, I was rather nervous, cos i read about the negative reviews about him. Dr kim tried to strike a short conversation with me before going to the main topic, and this makes me relax abit. He is not as arrogant as what i heard. I told him i would like to have a rhinoplasty, eyes surgeries and fats grafting so that i donr look old. He analyse saying i have high nose bridge and needs to be lower a little. I was shocked and doubt his comments. He agreed to my eyes surgeries and fats grafting.

To my surprise, Dr Kim did not ask me to do more necessary surgeries to improve my features. After seeing him, Lisa quoted my surgeries prices.

I not going to finalise everything just on one clinic, so i took a subway and headed to gangnam for other clinics consultation. To my surprise, the other doctor said the same thing as Dr Kim about my nose bridge is too high. That is the moment, im more confident on Dr Kim.

I went back to BK and confirmed my surgeries. The reason why i chose BK is because the three clinics that i have consulted all are well known in seoul. However, i have a budget and BK actually quoted the cheapest without bargaining. Thou they quoted me in email was the highest among all other clinics.

Surgery Day
Lisa was with me thru out the whole day. I reached clinic as early as 9plus. My appointment was at 10am. Lisa came and prepared myself for the surgeries. I get myself changed and was waiting at the operation level. The level was very crowded. Despite all the scary remarks on forum that i have read, BK still got quite a number of patients. At least got 2 locals and 2 foreigners excluding me, waiting for op.

Time to meet Dr kim again and he started to do the markings on my face. It was a quick one as i dont have any question for him. Lisa kept talking to me so that im not nervous. She is just like my "mother" for my journey at BK.

Settled myself at the operation room, while the nurses preparing for the surgeries. My last memory was i saw Dr Kim came into the room and then i was put to sleep. I read about Dr Kim always swop doctor in between surgeries. But i am quite sure, mine was done by him cos i woke up in the middle of the op and i saw him. I can feel he was injecting fats near my cheek areas. I was like "wtf" and luckily, i dozed off in a split second.

I woke up at 6plus in the evening. And lisa was still there waiting for me. She was supposed to end work already. She needs to stay til i woke up and back to guesthouse.

After all, i am quite happy with the service at BK. Now is post op day 12, so far no complains about the result. Face is still little swollen but no scars left on my face which im very worry about.

I was really worried in the beginning of the botch job by dr kim. However, forumers that i met in korea, so far they said it looks good. Phew.. plus one stranger from china approached me and asked which doctor did it as it looks good. Its still early to judge the result but so far so good. The experience not as bad as i thought.

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