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EP situation getting even tighter?

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Post by PNGMK » Wed, 18 Jun 2014 2:34 pm

Mi Amigo has it right - nothing we say matters an iota to the Gahmen.

I can tell you though that certain large MNC's seem to have it a little easier than others (I work now for a massive one and prior worked for a mid sized one - the difference is astonishing - we actually have expats in HR!). We have a lot of expats in positions I think should be nationalized. How do we get away with it? I don't know but it's probably in part a political move on the part of the gahmen to attract and keep MNC's of our calibre here.

Everything in Singapore has an open reason and a hidden reason - that's the Chinese at work.

There are a few sectors where the Gahmen is clearly working hard to attract investors (stake holders) in.... just have a look at the newer facilities in Tuas and the Science Park. If you need an EP for those places; you'll get one.

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Post by Strong Eagle » Wed, 18 Jun 2014 10:35 pm

Two things have been left out of this conversation, both related to competency.

Large MNC's might be having an easier time with EP's than other companies, but those other companies are the ones that support the big MNC on a contract basis.

Take IT support, for example. The pay is low for an onsite support guy because the MNC's are so chickenshit cheap in their contract negotiations.

It is really hard to find a Singaporean who will work for that money, has sufficient skills, and is willing to do the physical things associated with onsite support... pulling cables, crawling around on the floor or in the ceiling, assembling and disassembling PC's, changing laser toner... all those things.

The Singaporeans that are willing to work for that sum of money are marginally, if at all, qualified to do the work. Poor reading comprehension. Lack of problem solving skills. Not much in the way of social skills, either.

I've seen IT service companies lose their techs because the EP's and SPasses they had were not renewed. They are not getting the same quality of local talent. Even with training, user complaints go up.

And on the other end, why is it that MNC's are bringing in expats at the top managerial levels? It is expensive to do so. It is about competency and leadership. Certainly there are lots of competent and qualified Singaporeans... but there are also lots who view management and leadership roles in a way that reduces their effectiveness... unwillingness to take risk, unwillingness to make hard decisions, over authoritative management style, a lack of understanding of what management is all about, and an uninspiring leadership persona. I've seen lots of situations where problems fester and fester because no one wants to own the issue and get it fixed. It's always someone else's problem.

All the local hiring policies in the world change neither of these circumstances.

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Post by Mi Amigo » Wed, 18 Jun 2014 11:19 pm

^^^^ This!
Be careful what you wish for

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Post by ts1978 » Tue, 24 Jun 2014 1:50 pm

This is going to be quite an anti-climatic follow-up to what's turned out to be an interesting discussion. But it turns out the EP rejection was for administrative reasons relating to the employing entity being brand new and MOM not really understanding our business activities. With proper supporting documentation, the EP was granted on appeal.

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