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Posted: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 6:06 pm
by JR8
TandD wrote:There's hope then. We're moving because my husband is being seconded from his Uk office to their Singapore office. There's a mixture of people that are local and people who have moved from the Uk in that office. His line manager is from the Uk so hopefully means working environment/culture will be similar to here? ?? Worried we'd be without friends and without husband/dad.
Sounds much like my first transfer to Singapore. Don't worry you'll slot right in. A couple of my earlier friends came via work. But perhaps my closer friends were ultimately those I simply met whilst hanging out around the condo pool on the weekends, or via recreational days out (sailing, diving, horse-riding, hiking, cooking school) and such shared interests.

For me the work culture was something of a hybrid, a western company, corporate culture, and expectations coupled with a SGn entitlement to say a specific annual sick-leave allowance, for example.