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Post by earthfriendly » Fri, 30 May 2014 2:04 am

Saw this on Asiauno site. Not too sure who they are as I don't keep up with celebrity news. It took me almost a decade to make my daughter see the importance of saying "sorry", "thank you", "please" etc.... And when questioned about her reluctance, she said "mommy, those are just words".
Oxide Pang: I cannot forgive myself

Later in the evening, Pang released another statement of his own on Weibo, which addressed criticisms that he did not offer any apology in the earlier statement.

He wrote:

"In the clarification this afternoon, the three words 'I am sorry' were missing, which gave everyone the impression that I am unrepentant.

"You must know, how difficult is it to say or write those three words?

"It's just that I feel my mistake is not one which can be forgiven just by saying sorry, because I am utterly in the wrong.

"The mistake I made has also hurt someone who has sacrificed so much for me, and caused heartache and disappointment to those who care for her.

"I accept the condemnation from everyone. Because my mistake does not deserve to be forgiven, even I cannot forgive myself.

"I am sorry..."

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