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Is this Polygamy

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Is this Polygamy

Post by AsiaStarBoy » Thu, 29 May 2014 3:21 pm

This local man(62) is 18 years older than the 2nd wife ( foreigner)

1st Wife - Cheated her for the last 12 years. Cheated her to divorce so that he can marry the 2nd wife.
2nd Wife - Took her as mistress for 12 years. Cheated her for 12 years ( she don't know) and finally married her in 2013.

The man sold all assets before he took on the second married. After marrying the mistress in 2014, 1st wife found out and upset he was cheating on her and demanded he divorced 2nd wife.

After marriage, this man gave many reasons to the 2nd wife that he has to live with the 1st wife for 5 nights and 2nd wife for 2 nights ( just sex). After 6 months, 2nd wife didn't like this arrangement, and they often quarrel. But she has no choice as she is not working and have no money.

Is this polygamy?
He has two wives and yet within the laws. Is this false divorce by the man. Is he cheating the 2nd wife to marry to marry her. Why?

With the new marriage, he is able to control the 2nd wife as she cannot have friends, go out and have personal space. But he is still enjoying sex with the second wife twice a week. If she refuses, he insists she is seeing another man. He checked on her several times a day and if she is out, he make wild allegations to stop her. He even beat her up. He continued to stay with his 1st wife. All these are allowed in Singapore. She has no income and she is helpless.

This is the true story that I want to share. I feel that there are loopholes in our laws and those men who knows these laws ( like this man) is enjoying having two wives and still get away.

I feel it is not fair to both woman. Is polygamy is allowed, let us all have it. If polygamy is not allowed, police should question this man. But under the present laws, our police is helpless.

Do you know that this man is able to live out officially with his mistress even if the 2nd wife found him. The mistress is none other than his first wife. I can't understand why he divorced his 1st wife and still staying with her right after the marriage. What is the divorce and marriage for??

When she confronted, she got whack. What options does the 2nd wife has. Nothing! She visited Crime Registry. She called the police. Not much she can do.

If you are married in Singapore for less than 3 years, she can't do anything. Many house wives do not have the mean to go to court or know how to do this. It is costless to file divorce ( 8-10K)

If anyone know of any other options or why she can seek help, please share.

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Post by bgd » Thu, 29 May 2014 4:49 pm

I'm not sure I got the whole story here but he is only married to 1 wife right?

So he has 1 wife and a girlfriend? Nothing legally wrong with that.

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Post by taxico » Thu, 29 May 2014 5:06 pm

in singapore it is also not illegal to have an extra-marital affair... or visit hookers... or have children with a mistress.

she however does have rights under the women's charter and i'm pretty sure domestic battery is a crime.

talk to AWARE.
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Post by AngMoG » Thu, 29 May 2014 5:08 pm

Well, sure is a sad story, but nothing illegal about what he is doing apart from beating her I guess (she can file police report for assault or whatever it is called in Singapore).

She can always file for divorce, and she is free to do so. If she cannot afford, she is also free to leave the house, i.e. separate from her husband, the husband cannot legally force her to stay. Then, of course, she will either have to return to her home country and/or find some means of supporting herself.

Not sure if there are any organisations in SG that help mistreated women with food & lodging & legal support.

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Post by zzm9980 » Thu, 29 May 2014 11:49 pm

This story sounds quite sketchy. My instinct is OP is someone friend-zoned by the 'second wife', and there is more to it than we're hearing.

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Post by x9200 » Fri, 30 May 2014 6:37 am


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