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Post by yogaloungeforever » Thu, 05 Jun 2014 10:25 am

Then OP should stop antagonizing peeps who have already given valuable input

the lynx wrote:yogaloungeforever,
Please stop antagonising OP, especially with your signature anti-Indian sentiment. OP's level of English is irrelevant to this discussion of him being cheated (and/or being unable to resolve this problem due to his attitude or circumstances).
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Post by yogaloungeforever » Thu, 05 Jun 2014 10:40 am

If OP is really serious about getting back his hard-earned money he wouldnt be here telling other people off. Frankly what he's done so far is just flogged a dead horse. the landlord he's claimed is a bankrupt and like OP said, knows and has taken advantage of the legal loopholes. so OP now has few options left. he can approach the AGC (which from the reads of OP's post he's sitting on it), approach the high court or approach another police stn. but from the reads of OP's response he just want to sit and moan and get someone else to do the dirty job for him, ie., debt collector! frankly this is a trait i see so commonly in most india(n)s here in Singapore.

the lynx wrote: It would be easier for others to take your inputs more seriously if you are more objective than this...
Life is short hence I live it to its fullest, that is .... I eat and sleep

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Post by x9200 » Thu, 05 Jun 2014 11:06 am

ecureilx wrote:
x9200 wrote:...
I wrote what I wrote from what I have seen and experienced

now if I yell at my neighbors that they placed a flower pot facing my door and that pot is reflecting bad energy, and they call the cops, cops will turn up and then what?

from my experience they will advice what can be done, and away they go.

they are not going to arrest me or my neighbors as this falls under civil dispute

likewise when a friend was harassed by phone by a guy he had a business deal that went bad my friend marched into the Orchard police station and demanded the police arrest the other guy

the police man on duty heard the whole story and recommended that my friend file a magistrates complaint as this is a civil matter

another friend transferred money to a guy and changed his mind as the item on offer wasn't what he wanted and decided to get a refund.

like above, Police advice was that it is a civil dispute ...

now if you feel I am feeding wrong info and the OP here deserves to get the police to arrest the landlord and throw the landlord into jail I differ to your opinion ...

the case here has a lot of missing details

for example what if the landlord maintains it was a personal loan? or the landlord insists the amount was for move in Next year? just many ifs ...

anyway I again will differ to your expertise
Sorry mate but judging from your response and the examples I really think the communication and problem understanding may be a major issues, plus I doubt you acctually read this thread. Arrest? Bad energy? ? Where did you find it in my post? Loan probably from half dozens of families saying something opposite with one voice? If you and your colleagues can not communicate to the police emphasizing what is important, sure they will not take any action. They probably will understand, ... tenant, landlord ... that's all, This may create indeed the impression it's a civil matter.
I have this doubt also for the OP as his recent posts are really worrying. If he talks a fraction of this attitude to the police this not helps for sure.

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Post by Stevie_W » Thu, 05 Jun 2014 12:46 pm

Stevie_W wrote:That case that was posted earlier said that it was handled by the Ang Mo Kio police.
Perhaps you could go down and see them, explain your situation, what you have tried to do, what the other police station has told you etc, and then ask them for their advice/assistance?
They seemed proud of what they had done so maybe they'll be happy to follow up on their past success?
In addition, you declared that the landlord says he is bankrupt and that the current tenants have already paid him advance rent. It was also mentioned that the property cannot be sold. So, when the rent is due again, could that not be used to pay off the people who have claimed they have been scammed?

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Post by martincymru » Thu, 05 Jun 2014 1:56 pm

ecureilx wrote:
martincymru wrote:Does the sum of money (the amount in question) bear any relationship as to whether the Police get involved formally?

Forgive me if my question is naïve or missing the point.
from what I know, NO, if you mean men in blue turning up in patrol cars ....

uniform police don't get involved in Civil matters, disputes, ex. he said-she said, I transferred money but I want it back, or I gave money to the wrong guy and verbal arguments,I just don't like the way he talk/dress/smell/smile

for large scale cheating, there is commercial affairs division, and for corrupt practices, CPIB

So what is the threshold for "large scale cheating..." ? This is point I was trying to make to the OP but he answered in a manner that I did not comprehend.

Is cheating per se say a civil matter?

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Post by ecureilx » Thu, 05 Jun 2014 3:18 pm

x9200 I was getting the impression that the OP wants the men in blue to arrest the landlord ...and some suggestions were he is on the right path, per his demand, so much OP is threateningto invoke the wrath of the Gods if SPF doesn't do his bidding, or I am reading him wrong ...

anyway, back to Martincmyru


and Criminal doesn't always mean and instant arrest

example, a bankrupt leaves the country without permission he is deemed to have committed a criminal offense

when he / she returns, he will be allowed to enter the country and then by post mail, asked to explain himself, upon failure of which criminal charges will be filed .... and only when the court issues an arrest warrant the person will be picked up

does that make sense ?

now when a police officer advised a complainant it is a civil matter he means the police will not go charging in, unlike a say, a robbery in progress, a fight in progress and such ...n

did I confuse you further ?

btw, lying to A police officer = prison

so boosting the amount of money cheated = lying to a police officer

and likewise when you go to another police station I believe you need to declare if you approached any police officer / station re the same matter ...

thats all from what I know ....

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Post by AngMoG » Thu, 05 Jun 2014 3:46 pm

After reading this for a while... why not some of the cheated people get together and file a civil case against him in court (not SCT)? I am sure the property can be sold in such a case, or he can serve prison at least (so some satisfaction / deterrence).

If you get together, you can share the legal cost.

That seems to me the only way to get something out of this.

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Post by sundaymorningstaple » Thu, 05 Jun 2014 5:33 pm

Maybe she meant the country and/or the people? Dunno... :???:

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Post by opinionatedman » Wed, 18 Jun 2014 3:21 pm

quote="yogaloungeforever"]Typical india(n) .... [/quote]

Typical racism...

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Post by Sing Along » Fri, 20 Jun 2014 10:09 pm


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