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Extreme Makeover Before and After + Korea PS Trip in May'14!

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Extreme Makeover Before and After + Korea PS Trip in May'14!

Postby boii18 » Wed, 30 Apr 2014 10:06 am

Hi All!

I am finally a model after so many years of hard work!

I still have scar tissue in my nose making my nose wide and undefined, but I have injected kenalog In Singapore and shortly it will take effect. Going Korea mid-May for touch up steroid injections. Steroid injections help like magic to reduce scar tissue for the nose line to come out nice and clean.

My jaw is still sagging due to a botched jaw surgery, which I will correct with Accusculpt this time I go to Seoul, Korea in May '14.

Many wrong doctors and many wrong choices. Hope you won't make the same mistake at me. It was so hard. I wish I had someone to guide me thru' this process but I emerged stronger as a result.

PM me to get advice!! :D

If you are keen to join me for my KOREA PS ENHANCEMENT IN MID-MAY 2014 for a surgery-less PRP facial lift, as well as my Acculift (jaws), do let me know. You can get free anti-swelling medicines and advice (I have a lot of anti-swelling tablets which prevent scar tissue also, ie, Singulair ) :P

Air ticket to Korea now is very cheap @ $480 (UP $600).

This year End in December, I am going to Russia to lengthen my legs 7 cm as I want to go super-model :P

Before (Year 2008)

After (Year 2014)




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