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Shout out to SCDF / Epileptic fit

Posted: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 2:35 pm
I saw a skinny middle aged Indian fellow this morning while walking to my car who was acting like something on the walking dead (frothing, waving). A minute later as I drove out of the carpark I noticed he was twitching on the ground. I went to tend to him and asked my 12 YO to call 995. SCDF were there in 15 minutes and had an enema (presumably rectal valium) to calm the poor fellow down (who was unconscious but in rictus extremis).

If I need an ambulance in Singapore (4 times in Singapore in 20 years) I'm always impressed by their professional response and training.

One note however... more Singaporean's need first aid training! None around me (in the crowd that gathered to gawk but not help) knew any. Basic moves like recovery position, watching for a choking tongue and injury assessment make such a difference in the first 5 mins.